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Observation Tower on Blatná Hill


Category: Lookout and Observation Towers Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Horní Blatná


Blatenský vrch (Blatná Hill, 1043m) is one of the peaks of Krušné hory (Ore Mountains). It lies approximately 2 kilometres northeast of the small town of Horní Blatná. A 21-metre high observation tower built of stone and lined with wood has been standing on the hilltop since 1913. It was constructed along with an adjoining hotel with the aim of changing the area into a tourist and winter sports resort.

The hotel had remained open to the public until the 1940s when the Czechoslovak Army established an antiaircraft lookout there. Owing to the neglect of the army, the hotel had become so dilapidated that it had to be demolished in the 1950s. Only the observation tower remained standing. Conservationists now voluntarily maintain the observation tower to ensure that it does not meet the same gruesome fate as the former hotel.

You may admire the view of the surrounding countryside from Blatná Hill after climbing 85 stairs.

An asphalt road leads right to Blatná Hill and branches off the main road from Horní Blatná to Boží Dar. The observation tower is accessible by car.


Opening hours

The observation tower is usually open on selected weekends and more often in the season.


Admission fee

The admission fee is voluntary.



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