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Observation Tower on Krásenský Hill


Category: Lookout and Observation Towers Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Horní Slavkov


A truly unusual and singular observation structure was erected on Krásenský vrch (Krásenský Hill) in 1934. The local observation tower boasts a unique external spiral staircase with 120 stairs. While the base of the tower is 11 metres wide, the diameter of the lookout platform situated at the height of 25 metres is only 4.2 metres. The thickness of masonry at the foundations is 2.5 metres.

In addition to the observation tower, a nearby lodge with a restaurant also offered its services to visitors. However, it does not exist anymore.

In the post-war years, the tower on the hill near Krásno was dilapidating. Some partial repairs were carried out in 1980 and its general reconstruction was launched in 1996. The reconstructed tower has been serving tourists ever since.

Lookout Tower Krásno-Czech Republic in czech-republic


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