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Ore Mountain Semmering


Category: Technical Monuments Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains Town: Nejdek


Krušnohorský semmering (Ore Mountain Semmering) is the name of a part of the railway track situated at the second highest elevation in the country, namely the section between Nejdek and Pernink. On this 15-kilometre track, trains overcome a difference in altitude equal to 365 metres and cross a remarkable stone viaduct in Pernink. Overcoming such difference in altitude is possible thanks to three tunnels and the loop near Nové Hamry where trains turn 180 degrees into the opposite direction and reach an elevation of 915 metres above sea level (the second highest railway point in the Czech Republic). Trains climb up to 915 m on the track between the railway stations in Pernink and Oldřichov.


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