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The historical Jeroným Mine


Category: Technical Monuments Region: Sokolov and its surroundings Town: Sokolov


The historical Jeroným Mine is situated in the Sokolov district. The Jeroným Mine, in which largely tin ore was extracted, is a significant monument documenting the level of development of mining in the 15th and 16th century. The central part of the deposit houses beautiful chambers, rest areas and ledges from the 16th century. The mine corridors still bear distinct traces of ancient mining practices using mallets and pickers or firing.

The Jeroným Mine has been declared a National cultural monument in 1998 and salvage operations are currently underway.

At present, the mine is accessible to the public from May to mid-October. 



1.5. - 15.10.


Opening hours

Wed - Sun - Tour at 10´00 a.m., 11´00 a.m. and 13´00 p.m., 14´00 p.m. 15´00 p.m., 16´00 p.m.

!!! ATTENTION 15.6. - 30.8. also open on Monday and Tuesday


Admission fee

Basic entrance fee  60 Kč
Reduced entrance fee (children, students, pensioners)  40 Kč
School groups  30 Kč, escort free
Family ticket 140 Kč

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