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Way of the Cross in Nejdek


Category: Religious Monuments Region: Karlovy Vary and its surroundings Town: Nejdek


The Way of the Cross in Nejdek was established in 1851 – 1858 and it served the pilgrims until World War II; it fell into disrepair afterwards. It was restored in 2008 when the town of Nejdek in cooperation with the local artist H. Kouba took care of its rebuilding.

Since then it has been guiding the visitors around 14 small chapels decorated by art reliefs with Bible scenes again. The 1,600 m long trail leads through a hilly terrain in a wood right above the centre of Nejdek. During the walk you can enjoy beautiful views of the historical part of Nejdek and the Rolava River valley.

The Way of the Cross begins with an information board right in the centre of Nejdek near the local Information centre.


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