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Alchymistic club restaurant - Františkovy Lázně


After careful reconstruction we have reopened the traditional wine bar here on the first floor of Zámeček and added an offer of an Alchemistic menu. 



Contact & Address

Address: Františkovy Lázně 225,


Detailed Information

The interior with stucco decoration is a metaphor: it shows the alchemistic journey for knowledge and gold, a symbol of enlightenment and wisdom. Individual rooms are the stages of the journey, the place of knowledge is awaiting for you at the end – the Garden of Universe.

Under the stucco dome, everything becomes noble and finding the Philosopher’s Stone V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is within the reach. The first room is devoted to the Wise: just drink as indicated by the inscription above the entrance: „Pure to pure ones”. Wall murals are inspired by Baroque and Renaissance. The antique furniture is occasionally dressed up in silver paint and red velvet and is the result of the collector’s passion and unrestrained imagination of the master of the house. Boldly eclectic space is crowned by chandeliers from Bohemian crystal.

 Regarding the preparation of food we are limited by space of our Alchemistic workshop – the kitchen. Our chefs are faithful to the principle of treatment of primary materia and culinary tradition, so the menu is also the result of a dialogue with the gourmet master of the house, but it offers good food.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are able to offer you appropriate care and reservation ...


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