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Region of Karlovy Vary – A Perfect Film Destination

The Region of Karlovy Vary is an ideal shooting destination. You may find beautiful historic sites and locations of immense architectural value, industrial complexes, mines, romantic and mysterious corners entwined with many legends, modern structures, luxury hotels, spas, one-of-a-kind highland and lowland sceneries, ponds, dams, rivers, forests, and plains...

Video: Aerial view of the Region of Karlovy Vary


You may discover the beauty of some of the locations and landmarks and their suitability for shooting with your own eyes thanks to short presentation videos in our video gallery.

Films Shot in the Region of Karlovy Vary

More than 120 films (including documentaries) have been filmed in Karlovy Vary and its surroundings. Among the many feature films, we ought to mention Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as James Bond, Last Holiday with Queen Latifah or Red Tails with Cuba Gooding Jr. The list below includes a list of the major Czech and international films shot in the Karlovy Vary Region:

  • Red Tails (USA 2012)
  • Kongelig Affære – A Royal Affair (DK/SWE 2012)
  • Hostel II (USA 2007)
  • Last Holiday (USA 2006)
  • Casino Royale (USA/GB 2006)
  • Shanghai Knights (USA/GB 2003)
  • Kopytem sem, kopytem tam – A Hoof Here, A Hoof There (CZE 1988)
  • Vrchní, prchni – Run Waiter Run (CZE 1980)
  • Balada pro banditu – Ballad for a Bandit (CZE 1978)
  • Florenc 13:30 – Florenc 1:30 PM (CZE 1957)

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