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Františkovy Lázně


Category: Spa Towns Region: Cheb, Františkovy Lázně and their surroundings Town: Františkovy Lázně


Františkovy Lázně is the smallest of the historical spa triangle of West Bohemia. The spa is situated 445 metres above sea level and it boasts unique mineral springs with a high content of carbon dioxide, sulphuric ferric peat bogs and natural seepage of carbon dioxide. The entire town has very pure air, and its parks and woods are bursting with green. The local natural mineral water has a relatively high content of dissolved carbon dioxide. Its content oscillates depending on the source, the time of year and other influences. The water temperature of individual springs ranges between 9° C- 14°C. The average content of carbon dioxide at the outlet of the springs is about 1.5 to 2.5 g per litre, i.e. to 1 litres of gas carbon dioxide dissolved in one litre of water. 

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Indication for Spa Treatment in Františkovy Lázně

  • Oncological diseases
  • Circulatory system diseases
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Gynaecological diseases

Natural Curative Resources

The local sulphuric ferric peat bog is used for wraps, baths and vaginal tampons. Another healing resource is mineral water with its high content of carbon dioxide. The natural gas (nearly pure carbon dioxide with a small addition of other gas) from the Mary Spring is used for communal dry gas baths or individual gynaecological baths.

Springs used for drinking cure only:

  • Františkův pramen (František Spring
  • Glauber I
  • Glauber II
  • Glauber IV
  • Luční pramen (Meadow Spring) 
  • Natálie (Natalie Spring)
  • Sluneční pramen (Sun Spring)
  • Solný pramen (Salt Spring)
  • Železnatý pramen (Ferrous Spring)

Other Springs:

  • Luisin pramen (Luisa Spring)
  • Pramen Žofie (Žofie Spring)
  • Nový pramen (New Spring)
  • Pramen Cartellieri (Cartellieri Spring)
  • Pramen Palliardi (Palliardi Spring)
  • Pramen Glauber III (Glauber III Spring)
  • Pramen Marian (D-14) (Marianne Spring (D-14))
  • Pramen Adler (Adler Spring)
  • Pramen Stanislav (Stanislav Spring)
  • Císařský pramen (Emperor Spring)
  • Nový Kostelní pramen (New Church Spring)

Basic Therapeutic Procedures and Health Services

  • Gas injections
  • Drinking cure
  • Peat tampons
  • Carbonic baths
  • Vaginal irrigation
  • Dry gas baths
  • Gas injections
  • Drinking cure
  • Physical diagnostics and diagnostics using appliances and biochemical examination
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy procedures

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