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Spa Treatment


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The length of a spa treatment can be determined individually but it is essential to point out that it really starts to become highly beneficial if one stays at least 3 - 4 weeks. Spa centres offer a health programme to their guests based on the traditional use of natural healing resources abundant in the Karlovy Vary region. Their beneficial use has been proved by several hundred years of experience and demonstrable scientific methods.

Spa procedures are prescribed by a specialist, a balneologist, who puts together an individual health programme for each client based on the client’s health needs. Some of the procedures can be purchased without prescription.

Natural healing resources

Natural healing resources in the Karlovy Vary region are represented by thermal and cold mineral waters, mud and peat, gas and suitable climatic conditions. The mineral springs are used for bathing and drinking, inhalations and mucous membrane irrigation. Medicinal gas is used for dry gas baths and hypodermic injections. Peat and mud are used for wraps, bathing etc. Rehabilitation and physical methods are used to reduce health complaints and to improve patients´ health conditions. The methods used range from several types of individual and group activities in a gym and a swimming pool, but they also include outdoor treatment in the unique countryside. One can also take advantage of various types of massage, and a wide range of electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, applications of cold or heat, water procedures, sauna, acupuncture, oxygen therapy etc. 

An integral part of spa treatment is also information on a healthy lifestyle, good diet and working habits.

Indications for Spa Treatment

The great diversity of natural curative resources in the region enables each individual spa town in the Region of Karlovy Vary to specialize in the treatment of specific conditions.


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