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Region: Krušné hory – Ore Mountains


Jáchymov (literally meaning "Joachim's Town") is first mentioned in 1510. Thanks to silver mining, the town experienced a massive boom soon after its foundation. It is worth mentioning that the silver Jáchymov Tolar made by the local mint of the Šlik family gave its name to the American dollar. Jáchymov is closely bound up with the discovery of radium in the uraninite from the local mines by Marie Curie-Sklodowska. Today, Jáchymov is a spa popular all around the world for its unique radon treatment.

In addition to spa treatment and wellness, Jáchymov offers a wide range of sports activities. You may find tennis courts, an aqua centre, a downhill skiing course, cycle paths, cross-country skiing trails, etc. You may also admire interesting historical sights, museum expositions, as well as natural points of interest.


Phone: +420 353 811 379

Website: www.kr-karlovarsky.cz/obce/JACHYMOV/mesto/index.htm




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