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Region: Sokolov and its surroundings


Sokolov (German: Falkenau, derived from the noun "falcon") is first mentioned in the 13th century. Nonetheless, first settlements had appeared in the area much earlier. If you are wondering how the town got its name, then read this short extract from the legend:

When a knight returned home from a crusade, he found his house plundered and unkempt graves of his loved ones. The mourning knight set out along the Ohře River and settled at its confluence with the Svatava River where falconers were training their birds of prey. The knight lived as a hermit and as he was a skilled healer, people started coming to him and soon settled around his shack. That is how the original settlement was allegedly founded and named after the falcons flying over the hermit's cabin.

In modern history, the Sokolov region became famous for its rich brown coal deposits and mining, which has continued to this day. Apart from beautiful museum expositions at Sokolov Chateau, you may also visit the observation tower on Hard Hill, remains of the town walls and farm buildings from the 19th century, the parish Church of Saint Jacob and many more.


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